Student Minister Breakout Sessions


8:15 PM
Equipping Every Teenager to Interpret and Apply Any Scripture | Tony Merida

9:25 PM
Counseling Students and Families in Crisis | Camille Cates
Student Ministry in a Smaller Church | Jason Salyer
Equipping Parents to Disciple Their Teens | Doug Bischoff


11:00 AM
Transgenderism in Student Ministry | Andrew Walker
Leading Through Personal Crisis | Harold O’Chester

12:15 PM
Lunch Session – Your Church’s Response and Ministry to Abuse Victims | Camille Cates

1:15 PM
How to Run and Finish Strong | Tom Elliff
Leading Students to Have a Biblical Worldview | Joseph Backholm
Ministering to Teens and Families with Special Needs | Daniel Williams

2:30 PM
Transitioning from Student Minister to Family or Next Generations Minister | Doug Bischoff
Redefining Success | Justin Buchanan