Sex, Dating, Marriage & Glory of God Breakout Sessions


Breakouts in this track address, from the Scriptures, God’s design and desire for believers regarding gender, dating, marriage, sex, and living as men and women for His glory. Speakers will speak on these topics in a bold, biblical, and appropriate manner.

By attending this track, teenagers will be indicating they have received their parents’ permission to attend. The adults who bring teenagers to YML are responsible for confirming parental permission.

Dr. Justin Buchanan and Dr. Richard Ross welcome questions from parents and church leaders regarding the content of these sessions. You can email them at


8:15 PM
Sex, Dating, Marriage, and the Glory of God | Justin Buchanan

9:25 PM
God’s Magnificent Design for Male and Female | Richard Ross


10:30 AM
Lifetime Sexual Holiness for the Glory of King Jesus | Richard Ross

1:15 PM
Living Pure in a Technological Age | Tony Bianco

2:30 PM
Guy Talk | Chuck Carpenter
Girl Talk | Cheryl Bell