Adult Breakout Tracks

Student Ministers and Volunteers

Cutting-edge training, challenge, and encouragement from national youth ministry leaders—targeted to student ministers and the volunteers who serve with them.

Girls Ministry

Sessions for leaders who want to launch or expand a comprehensive girls ministry.

Minister’s Wives

A weekend of encouragement, equipping, and warm relationships for wives of student ministers.

Multi-Ethnic Student Ministry

Breakout session focused on student ministry in a multi-ethnic context.

Korean Student Ministry

These sessions specifically focus on leading student ministry in a primarily Korean context.

Equipping Volunteers

These breakouts are specifically designed to focus on calling out and equipping volunteer leaders to serve in student ministry. Each of these breakouts will be led by Richard Ross.

Teenager BreakoutTracks

Sex, Dating, Marriage, and the Glory of God

These breakouts for teenagers will focus on living for God’s glory in regard to our gender, sexuality, dating, and future marriages.

The Art of Leadership

For teenagers committed to being leaders in their student ministry and beyond to learn about the essential characteristics and skills of faithful leaders. The final breakout session will provide an opportunity for students in this track to choose among sessions on worship leadership, vocational ministry leadership, or leadership in the business world.

Stand Firm

For teenagers interested in exploring how to stand firm in an age of relativism and skepticism. In a culture where right from wrong has been blurred, students will learn to navigate from the Scriptures on hot button issues and how to reason for the hope found in Jesus Christ alone.


For teenagers desiring to know how God is at work around the world in advancing the gospel to fulfill His mission and to be equipped to engage in His work as co-laborers for the kingdom.